Leadership and Management

As a charity registered in England, Chester-le-Street Scouts has both a leadership team which focuses on the operation and programme of Scouting, and an executive committee that is responsible for the business side of our organisation, and its members are recognised Trustees of the charity. Members of the district team are chosen by the District Commissioner, and members of the executive committee are either nominated, elected, co-opted on; or are ex-officio members by nature of their appointment. The District Commissioner is appointed by the County Commissioner inline with the Scout Associations search and appointment process.

District Team

District Commissioner* Greg Piskosz – dc@chesterlestreetscouts.org.uk
District Explorer Scout Commissioner* Scott Doughty – desc@chesterlestreetscouts.org.uk
District Explorer Scout Administrator

(and coordinating Scout Leader)

Tony Brewis – desa@chesterlestreetscouts.org.uk
Training Administrator & Contact Karen Gibson – karen.gibson@durhamscouts.org.uk
District Nights Away Adviser Adam Wilson – nights.away@chesterlestreetscouts.org.uk
District Scout Network Commissioner David Holmes – network@chesterlestreetscouts.org.uk
District Youth Commissioner* Bethany Foster – yc@chesterlestreetscouts.org.uk

Executive Committee

District Chairman* vacant
District Treasurer* Geoff Aydon – Treasurer@chesterlestreetscouts.org.uk
District Secretary* Carole Atkinson – secretary@chesterlestreetscouts.org.uk
Nominated Member Vacant
Nominated Member Vacant
Nominated Member Vacant
Nominated Member Vacant
Elected Member David Welch
Elected Member Angie Foster
Elected Member Sharon Gibbons
Elected Member – Young Person Abbi Openshaw