DC Bits ‘N Bobs – September

Posted on 27th September 2020 by Greg Piskosz

Dear All Adult Volunteers

Firstly I trust that you and your families are all well……Many of us are returning to Scouting after a very well earned summer break, I hope that you all feel refreshed and ready for the next phase of our challenging Scouting Life..


Face to Face Scouting (F2F)

As many of you should be aware we remain in an Amber status in terms of readiness and Face to Face (F2F) scouting.   For those who are unsure this means

  • Indoor activities are now allowed, but outdoor activities are preferred and should be encouraged
  • Numbers change to 15 young people and up to five leaders (carers can be in addition and will not be counted in these numbers) – this applies both indoors and outdoors. Leaders can also include Young Leaders.
  • Young people must stay in their limited group size but adults will now be able to move between these groups, i.e. across the 25m spacing if outdoors or to a section meeting at a different time on the same day.
  • Leaders don’t need to wear a face covering when delivering activities – however, it’s recommended to wear one in all other circumstances while indoors.
  • Scouts and Explorers must now wear face coverings indoors. Exceptions as per national guidelines are permitted.

For now, all young people in all sections must continue to social distance by 2m from each other where possible and from adult volunteers at all times.


Groups and sections have already made huge strides towards a return to F2F scouting.

2nd CLS

1st Gt Lumley

1st Burnmoor

Centurions Explorers


Have submitted and had approved Risk Assessments to cover a return to F2F scouting and are planning a start date.   Centurions Explorer have just had their third face to face meeting and are planning more


4th CLS have a draft version in place about to be submitted


1st Newfield

1st Waldridge


Are starting their creation of Risk Assessments.


However, we need to remember, as I keep saying, It is Not a Race, It is Not a Competition.   Groups and sections will return to F2F scouting if and only when THEY are ready.


Programme Support


Virtual Scouting is a huge challenge and I have been in awe of what you have all delivered over the past months.  Many of you might be running out of ideas…..   There are lots of programme ideas on the HQ website…   https://www.scouts.org.uk/volunteers/scouts-at-home/getting-everyone-back-together-safely/    games, outdoor activities, activities that can be done in the home.   Take a look there is loads of programme ideas


Adult Training

Thank you so much to all those Adult Volunteers that have responded and got their mandatory training up to date.   It is really important that this Vital training is completed and kept in date.   We are now in a better position as a District in terms of compliance with mandatory training.   This has been achieved by a combination of

  • Adults completing the training
  • Role changes
  • Ending of roles


I know I have been chasing a lot, but that is just an indicator of how serious we should take this.


We cannot rest on our Laurels though.   The next phase that we need to look at is those adult volunteers who have been in role in excess of 5 months and have not completed the Getting Started Modules, that is modules 1, 2, 3 and or 4 (depending on role).  The 5 month timescale is that required by Gilwell for completion.   We will be contacting any leaders that fall into this category and offering positive support to get these modules completed


District AGM

We have held off holding the District AGM for as long as we dare, and are allowed by Charity Commissioners, in the hope of being to hold a face to face meeting.   Sadly this is not going to be possible.   So we will hold an online AGM.   Format and process will be the same, though you will need to provide your own refreshments after the formalities have been conducted.  The date of the AGM will be Wednesday 7th October at 7pm, a Zoom invitation will be sent out a week prior.


As in previous Years we will be seeking to elect volunteers onto the Executive Committee.   The Executive provides a vital supportive role to the effective functioning of the District, providing advice, governance and oversight to ensure that all that we do is in the best interests of our Young people, Adult Volunteers and wider Scouting. The roles we are looking to fill are :




4 Elected Members


All and any nominations are welcomed.   Please send nominations to either Carole Atkinson, our Current Secretary or to myself.   All current incumbents are happy to stand for election again.   Should there be no other nominations by the date of the AGM


In addition we also need a new chairman, you may recall that at the AGM in 2019, Brian Scott stood down as chairman after many years of service.   Since then I have been seeking a new chairman.   That search nearly bore fruit just before the onset of the Covid Pandemic, sadly both the potential candidates chose to withdraw their interest in the role.   So………….  If you know anyone that might be able to support us all as Chair of the Exec, please let me know.





There has been a change of mind with regard to Census.   Group Scout Leaders will be aware that the plan was for the Census to be taken at the end of October, with the payment of Capitation at the end of March.   Census will now take place as it has done in previous years, albeit with less data to input.   Though I suspect that our version of what Less Data is will be different to that of HQ



Adult Support Drop In


I am acutely aware of how difficult the past 6 months or so have been for Adult Volunteers.   Acutely aware of how challenging the current circumstances are… do I return to F2F scouting, how do I continue the enthusiasm for on line meetings, I have questions I would like to ask but feel awkward… and much much more.   To provide an opportunity for any Adult Volunteer that needs support, with anything, I am scheduling a Zoom Meeting every Wednesday at 7pm.   It is a drop in session for anyone that wants to ask anything, get something off their chest, get advice …. anything at all.   I cannot get out there to meet you, to share experiences and advice, hopefully this provides an opportunity for that to happen in another way.   Please feel free to just drop in.   Zoom Meeting details are


Join Zoom Meeting



Meeting ID: 952 1096 8084

Passcode: 378997






And Finally…….


We are all part of one, huge extended Scouting Family, unified by our Promise.   All we can ask of each other is ..

…To do My Best,
….Up hold our Scout Values
……To help other people



Look after yourselves, Be Safe.