A Message From the District Commissioner

Posted on 29th March 2020 by Greg Piskosz

Firstly I trust that you and your families are all well……


Apologies if anyone has been expecting a communication from me before now. I thought a rest from communications might be helpful.    It is barely a week and a half since the suspension of face to face scouting.   In that time I have had so many emails from HQ, from County, from fellow DC’s, had 5 two hour conference calls with Gilwell, County and DC’s, Tweets and Facebook posts………. My head is battered and so must yours.   It is a difficult time for all.


Many will think being sent from work to stay at home is one long holiday… Far from it… It brings unique challenges, from looking after children, yourselves, maintaining a positive outlook, financial worries and much more.


For those of us at work, it must be equally challenging and scary in terms of the closeness to corvid 19 you may be, and at times quite exhausting.


This will pass, we may not know when, but it will pass


Thank you for anything that you are doing to keep Scouting From Home going. I know that GSL’s and Section Leaders are working really hard on plans to keep our Young people engaged with Scouting and are really embracing the concept of Scouting From Home in creative and innovative ways.   I have already participated in two on line Activity sessions and look forward to more.   If your group or section are planning any “virtual scouting” activities, please invite me to join in.   I might not be physically able to get around groups as I have in the past but I can still be involved.   If anyone needs any support with Scouting From Home….need ideas, technology support, anything…please ask, I might not be able to support directly myself, but I well definitely know someone who can.   Thank you so much for whatever you are able to do.


Some of us will getting emails in the next week or so from Gilwell on the subject of compliance with Mandatory Training.   Please do not be offended by this or consider it insensitive at this time.   The plan and strategy to improve training compliance was constructed some time ago.   We decided that at the time of abnormality it might help Adult Volunteers to have something that was a bit more normal going on.   Training advisors are on hand to help with Validation of training, we can do this over the phone or by Video call.   If this is something that appeals in terms of getting training done, let us know.


These times are difficult, full of uncertainty and the current guidance on Social Isolation is challenging . However we are all part of one, huge extended Scouting Family, unified by our Promise.   All we can ask of each other is


…To do My Best,

….Up hold our scout values

……To help other people



Finally I came across this …… It was written by Pope Francis, and whether you have a faith or not it speaks wonderfully to where we are….


“Tonight before falling asleep

think about when we will return to the street.

When we hug again,

when all the shopping together will seem

like a party.

Let’s think about when the coffees will return

to the bar, the small talk,

the photos close to each other. We think about

when it will all be

a memory but normalcy will seem an unexpected

and beautiful gift.

We will love everything that has so far seemed

futile to us. Every second

will be precious.

Swims at the sea, the sun until late, sunsets,

toasts, laughter.

We will go back to laughing together.

Strength and courage.


Look after yourselves, Be Safe.