Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Posted on 13th March 2020 by Greg Piskosz

This page provides the latest guidance and advice on how Durham Scouts are responding to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and will be updated on a regular basis.

  • Last updated: 13th March 2020


UK Scouting continues to base it’s guidance and advice on government health advice, which can be found at

Current evidence is that young people are not at significant risk from COVID-19 and our position is that we will continue to deliver safe Scouting unless it poses a broader risk to public health, or until and if additional restrictions on public meetings are put in place.

Attendance at meetings and events:

We are not currently stopping Scouting on a widespread basis, although this may change based upon updates to government advice.

Just like everyone else, our members should follow the standard government advice on self-isolation. Anyone who needs to self isolate should NOT attend Scouting meetings and events. Parents and carers of youth members and our volunteers are asked to inform their relevant section leaders if they will not be attending a meeting.

In light of this, any support to run meetings and events from parents or supporters who are not self isolating would be appreciated (as always!)

All members and supporters should attend to personal hygiene by regularly washing hands and using a tissue for coughs and sneezes. Members should bring tissues to meetings and dispose of them after use and may be asked to wash hands at the start and end of meetings or events. Some activities (e.g. physical contact games) may be curtailed where this would involve close personal contact between members.

Please see this Public England advice for attending public events.

Scout County Events:

  • Monopoly Run 2020: Due to the nature and planned timing of the event, in the interests of public health we have taken the decision to postpone this 2020 Monopoly Run until later in the year. Please see our Monopoly Run Page for further details.
  • Durham2020: We are currently planning for this August’s Durham2020 International Camp in Durham to proceed as planned. Please see the Durham2020 website for further details
  • Eurojam2020: We are currently planning for this August’s Durham Scouts Unit to attend the European Jamboree in Poland as planned.


Moor House Adventure Centre:

Moor House Adventure Centre remains open for residentials, camping and activities.


Local Events:

Local Scout sections, groups and districts will be making their own decisions about whether to proceed with activities and events, bearing in mind the need to assure public health and our ability to provide safe supervision ratios at all times. Please check with your local sections, groups and district organisers as appropriate.