Fencing – On Guard !….

Posted on 21st January 2017 by Greg Piskosz

The DC has recently undertaken a fencing instructors course, which allows him to teach Fencing to Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, and Adult Volunteers.  

Fencing fits into all section programmes :

Beavers                Sport Activity Badge

Cubs                      Skills Challenge Badge

Scouts                   Master at Arms Badge

                                Skills Challenge Badge

 A one off taster session can be run lasting approx. 40 mins.   For any of the badge scenarios 4-6 sessions need to be run each lasting approx. 40 mins.   These sessions do not have to be in a block of successive weeks, they can be spread to suit a sections programme.   Group size needs to be 12 – 20 young people at a time.

 If you want a Fencing Session, please just get in touch with what you would like and off we go ……….On Guard !!!